Finally, I am

And then finally, she is happy.

Few weeks back (or months rather), I wrote this line: ‘and then finally, she is (I am) happy.‘ This was supposed to be my entry for a Daily Post daily prompt for that day, and if I remember it correctly, the prompt is to write a 6-word story about your life in the future, and this is what I wrote but after a while of staring at white empty spaces after those words, I decided not to continue with that prompt. Why, you ask me? Well probably because one, I can’t find the right words to write after that line and two, those are just empty words back then. I was just trying to be optimistic at that time for I was going through something, so for some reason I left it lying on my drafts. I had no idea I am really going to use this line today.

Let me tell you why I ended up posting this 6-word story that I made. (I do hope you won’t get bored and decide not to continue reading this post, haha!) So anyway, here’s the reason why.

This morning, I woke up feeling tired for being up so late last night. I was a little insomniac last night. I was supposed to be reviewing my notes at this moment had I continued with my plan for the day. But then, with the head ache and everything, I thought I won’t get anywhere if I study anyway so I preceded with checking out my blog instead. Blogging 101: Day four assignment is to write to your audience, so I’m hitting two birds with one stone here ’cause I am about to write my audience with this post.

As I said, I went checking out my blog then proceed to reading posts with the tag happiness. Then I went across to this post. Check it out.

Have you ever –

I went commenting and liking her posts, and she did the same with mine. And that simple act made me really happy. Thank you @AjAguilarVanDerMerwe (I hope you will be able to read this, for I don’t quite know how if you can tag anyone in a post)

Dear AjAguilarVanDerMerwe, ( of )


You make me smile. 🙂

I have encountered different bloggers through WordPress and few times has there been anyone who would actually take time to read my blog. And you did Aj. I know I have put up this blog for personal reasons, but it really warms my heart up whenever anyone appreciates my work and who doesn’t? And for that, you really made me happy. I am so happy that I habe to write this post 🙂 I am truly grateful for what you did. It made me motivated to keep on blogging. With all honesty, I don’t quite know on how will my blog turn out, but knowing that there is someone  atleast just one person who would like to see what happens on your journey makes me  just want to go with the flow and write without bothering if this post will be liked or not. 


There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you're the one to change theirs. -Sushan Sharma

Funny how I am instantly happy now when I was just commenting on your post earlier that I hope I can be the kind of happy as you are, and you told me that I will be one day. See, I am finally happy. Thank you! 🙂 Stay happy with your life and travels, and good luck on your eldest’s journey. 🙂

– Jeanette


7 thoughts on “Finally, I am

  1. Dear Jeanette,

    I am so honored to be this person to you, to be the catalyst to happiness. It is a privilege, thank you!

    As you know, I started reading your posts and they remind me so much of me in the most part of the last 20 years of my life. The obvious facts I specified on my previous comment simply make up the tip of the iceberg. Your thoughts, what I have read so far of your writings, made me think how much alike we are and how you are so much the younger version of me. I truly am looking forward to be a witness, on the sideline, of your journey and growth.

    Even before I had the time to check my blog (as work always gets in the way of my passion, ha-ha), I was thinking to myself that this year is the year I am growing up. I had a thought.. a wonderful idea.. I am finally ready to openly receive what I always asked for (but somehow I’ve been closed to them). When I read this post, I had goose bumps, I was teary-eyed and I felt joy in my heart. I was thinking of something to write last night and I wasn’t quite sure (I will post tonight) if I was really ‘there’. Situations sometimes require me to not care to keep my happiness although I’m naturally passionate and restless, which can cause stress and distress. Reading your (this) post re-assured me that I’m really and truly that. I still believe in significance. I would still rather make a difference in one person’s life than be totally apathetic.

    So there’s that reminder [glaring at me] – more often than not, we are not on a one-way road. Most of the time, both persons are good for each other. You have re-awaken my purpose (as I have given myself).

    I am so thrilled that your eyes and heart were open to see/feel this happiness. I will be smiling, with warm heart, the whole day.

    Journeying with you, all the way from Africa (for now), with love 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on My thoughts, exactly and commented:
    This is why we write
    Why we are alive
    This is why we connect
    With each other interact
    Oh, heart-warming honor
    Purpose rising from slumber
    Dreams renewed, rejuvenated
    Batteries recharged, re-energized
    Wide-eyed, wide awake
    Dancing like a dervish
    Chirpily, happily, cheerily
    This time, truly, I’m ready

    Jeanette, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

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