“Who” and “Why” of Me Defined

Blogging 101: Day 1 Assignment, “Who am I and why I am here?” –

Every once in a while, I would find myself being asked “How would you describe yourself?”, and that for me, is one of the hardest question and I know I’m not alone in this one.

How would I describe myself? How do I see myself? And how do others see me? Upon typing these questions, I found myself stuck on these lines. I’m quite not sure of the right words to say that would make you see a glimpse of who I really am, or to describe myself without sounding inferior or exaggerated. Eitherways, this is who I am.

Jeanette Joyce, from the Philippines. People say I look exactly like my mom and rarely believes me when I say I am already 20 years old. I’m not really sure if it’s because of my visage or of my height. (4’11” by the way)


Here's a photo of me (the one wearing pink) and my mom together. This was taken in my sister's graduation day two years ago (that means I was 18 years old and my mom is 49 back then)

Things that I love:
• I love reading series but barely have the time to do so.

Jenny Han’s P.S I Still Love You, Kierra Cass’ The Selection Series, David Levithan’s Everyday and Another Day, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and oh Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga are one of my best reads 😉

• I write occasionally, when I’m in the mood that is and my writings are mostly melancholic. I remember my first post describing myself as a lost soul in a constant journey of happiness and somehow I still am that lost soul.

• I watch movies on leisure hours – romantic comedy drama is my genre – and I am fond of Adam Sandler’s movies. (50 first dates is my most favorite)

• I love foods, I am best left alone in the kitchen eating than cooking ’cause I was never good at cooking (the best I could do is fry eggs, haha!)

• I suck at dancing, and yes I am a professional bathroom singer. Haha!

• …and I used to love Taylor Swift’s music back when she does country pop. I relate so much to her songs that it made my heart ache. 😂

so why am I here?

This blog exists primarily because I need something to pour my heart into, and somehow this is my escape from the overstressed world that I am into. I put my heart out on my sleeves in this rather personal blog and out here are the words I rarely voice out but keeps on popping inside of my head.

…and in answer to the hardest question:

I am extraordinarily ordinary. I get mood swings every now and then, and honestly I am veeeery difficult to handle (you have been warned!), but I’d like to believe that I am worth it. (That is if you would atleast try to get to know me better of course.) I guess that is the best way to describe me.


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