2012: The Beginning of a New Journey

January 2012. It was few months before our high school graduation. I can’t remember how I was feeling back then. Was I excited to graduate? Sad? Scared? I don’t know. The only thing I’m sure of is I was never ready to leave high school yet and enter a new world where I had to be alone and independent. Yes, our school is preparing us for a ‘brighter future’ and representatives of different universities visit to orient us of what lies ahead but I feel like I’m not yet ready to figure things out on my own.

While my other friends were planning for their future – taking entrance examinations to different colleges and universities, and deciding on what course to pursue – I had no idea on what to do. More like I didn’t know what I want and what I can be capable of. You see, I’m not good at anything, or if I am, that’s only for the beginning. I tend to lose in the middle of everything.

Time passed by, and before I knew it I was in front of the registrar of a state university filling up an application form for an entrance examination with BS Accountancy as my first choice course. And that’s how I ended up here.

Just like most of the other Accountancy students I came to know, I decided to traverse this path without knowing of what comes next. I had no idea of what BS Accountancy is, I’ve never heard of it, atleast not until career orientations in high school which was conducted few months before graduation. But unlike those other BSA students, being here was technically my choice. Technically, because I choose this feeling like I had no other option. The reason is, this is the only course I thought I can be good at.

I was never forced by my parents  nor was I under the influence of any other people when I choose to take this long road. It was my own decision – and that what makes it harder, ’cause there are times – a lot of times – I feel like quitting but I can’t stand the idea of me being unable to finish what I started again, and for several other reasons, I just can’t quit but that’s another story to be to told.



3 thoughts on “2012: The Beginning of a New Journey

  1. I’ve read a few of your posts and this feels like destiny. It’s like finding the younger me. BSA.. starting not following through.. my eldest refers to herself as bittersweet… I feel like I would like to be around, even on the sideline… witness your growth.. as you walk the path to that happiness.. to joy. So weird. And no, I’m not s psycho. Haha!


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