What I learned, what life taught me – NBPM #5

What was the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught you that?

Oh dear life,
remember what you would always say –
that people come and go,
and not everyone will stay?
That things won’t be the same
for everything does change?
Of how nothing lasts forever
and I can’t just stay on one page?
How? Tell me.
How can I move on to another chapter when that one page is all that I can remember?
Though I know it is inevitable,
I still can’t find it acceptable…
So tell me, will you? Please tell me what should I do.

Oh dear life, now I know that you’re right;
Everything has changed
and I can’t turn it back,
even though I’ve tried with all my might.
Memories are all that I have now,
and promises were often turned into broken vows.
But change – that’s still something I can’t always embrace
for there’s some things I can’t just simply replace.
Things that I hold on and cling so tightly to,
Hoping that it will stay as is if I do.
But it doesn’t, it never does..
’cause things have changed – so I guess no, it never really lasts.

So hello πŸ™‚ this is supposed to be my day 5 post had I’ve been able to connect. Anyway, I tried making a poem out of the suggested prompt (I’m not so good in poetry, let alone in writing, so please bear with me.) And if you’ve come this far reading my post, thank you very much. This would be all. And oh, gave a great day! πŸ™‚


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