If you ever know – NBPM #3

Hi there! So as I said in Day 6 post, I was disconnected from the internet from Day 3 to Day 5. I actually wrote something for that day before I accidentally deleted everything I made, and that was even before I learned that there is no internet connection. SURPRISE! I was really disappointed since it took me some time to finish that ‘supposed to be blog post’ on the third day, and I don’t feel like recycling the words I already poured out into that post, but then I tried writing another one only to find out something to add up into my disappointment – upload failed, connection error. It was really frustrating. I mean, I’m only few steps away from the starting line, why now? It was just the third day! 3rd day! Ugh!

If only I hadn’t delete my draft by accident – that is without consideration to what happened to the internet connection – I would have been able to post an entry using the suggested prompt that day. I would have talked about the coolest job for me when I was younger – atleast younger than I am today for I cannot consider myself old enough to be called ‘old’ already – and I would have shared that I dreamt of becoming a nurse at first and how it shifted into becoming an editor because I grew scared of blood and dead people and hospitals.

I would have said that my initial reason for becoming an editor is because I looked up to my aunt who works as an editor; and I would have looked back on how I fell inlove with writing and my journey on becoming an editor as I joined the publication from elementary up until now that I am in college already.

But I wasn’t able to upload that post, and I’m no longer in the mood to use the suggested prompt that day. So I will no longer tell you that ‘yes, I still find that being an editor is cool.’, and I won’t tell you that even though I locked up that dream deep within my heart, I’m no longer pursuing that dream. I would have, but I no longer can pursue that dream. You wouldn’t know why, ’cause I’m not gonna tell you that I took a business course instead of something that is in line with journalism because the university I am attending is not offering those kind of courses. And you wouldn’t know that I fell inlove with my course too somehow, you wouldn’t know that there are days I’d lay at night and dream of me becoming a Certified Public Accountant, and that I’m now on my 4th year taking BS Accountancy as my chosen course.

You’ll never know all those things that I’ve wrote in my supposed to be post, ’cause I’m not going to use the prompt suggested for that day – the coolest job for me when I was young, and if I still feel the same. Yes, you won’t ever know… uhm, would you?


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