Those were the days – NBPM #2

Back when I was a little girl – back when kids still play with each other physically, when online gaming is not yet the latest trend, me and my other siblings used to play a lot. Usually, my parents would bring home toys from McDo Happy Meals and Jollibee Kiddie Meals whenever they go somewhere. And on Christmas holidays, me and my brother would often spend all our money (given by our Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts) on Toy Kingdom. It was fun. Being able to bond with my brother and being able to buy the toy that I want. I remember having toys like different kinds of board games (chess, scrabble, snake and ladders and chinese checkerds), legos, puzzles, hoola hoops, yoyo, jumping ropes and chinese garters and brick games. Oh, how I loved playing brick games.

Of all the toys I had, there’s this one toy I never had (and now I wonder why I never thought of buying it back then) – barbie dolls.

My mom never bought us dolls of any kind, she’s not very fond of them. Kids my age used to play dolls a lot back then, and there were role playing and doll houses and dressing up and everything. I loved dress ups the most. Since my sister and I don’t have dolls, I remember the two of us sneaking out of the house to our neighbor with our toys in hand in order to play with the other kids. We’ll share our toys and play all day. I was never fond of playing dolls when I was a little girl. What really caught my attention is how the neighboring kid would make clothes for her dolls. I envy how she was able to make hand-sewn clothes at a very young age. ‘I want to make clothes too!’, so with that in mind, I befriended her and her friends, and I’ve got to play dolls, I learned how to make doll clothes plus I gained more friends.

Time flown fast. Eventually, my sister and I stopped going over their backyard, probably because we’ve grown up and gained new friends at school and such (and my mom never allowed us in the first place). Then there’s already those games meant to be played indoors – play stations, computers, plus internet. Just like that, childhood is gone.

Oh happy were those days, when playtime means you’ve got to interact with someone, having the chance to meet new people, feigning the world is actually how you wanted it to be. You can be anything or anyone you want to be, imagination is the limit. How lucky I am to be part of that era. I’m not so sure if kids these days can play with other kids not in front of a computer or any gadgets. I wonder if kids these days can last a day without using any gadget, no, I don’t think so. Now I feel like I’m too old, I mean, kids these days really are a lot different with how we were back then. It is different.. it is.


6 thoughts on “Those were the days – NBPM #2

  1. Great post, really brings back memories of my childhood, the indoor cushion games, playing with the other kids outside. It’s a shame, that doesn’t happen anymore.
    I have a funny story about Barbie dolls though, it involves my younger sister and how she would play with them.
    She used to wrap socks around them and put in the freezer. To this day, I still don’t understand what she was doing… It was unnerving looking for ice cream and seeing mummified barbie among the frozen peas! :O

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    • Thank you for reading my blog Ayan 🙂 Yes, it’s too sad that kids these days would rather sit in front a computer or play any other gadget that to actually play games, but I also think that opening a fridge with a frozen barbie is a bit scary. Haha!


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