Sunday Currently, Vol.2 – NBPM #1

Hey, it’s 1st of November, soooo that basically means that if I’m able to finish this post today, this is gonna be my first entry too.  So, true to my word 7 days ago, here goes my Sunday Currently, Vol.2.

I’m currently locked up in my room lying in my bed as I am trying to make this blog post. *Trying ‘coz I’m too tired as of the moment.


Chocolate marble candies I’ve been craving for a week now. I can’t get enough of these, really.

Tired from all the walking I did for the annual cemetery visit, (I’d rather have it this way though that have them visit me instead.) I feel sleepy as well. It just so happened I was able to wake up at 6am today.

To the TV show “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” playing on the background. Yes, I don’t usually watch TV, sorry. Every show is about horror and mystery. 😠

This blog.

Volume 4 of the manga I was reading last week. I’m done watching the anime yesterday tho.

Ugh . . .

SLEEP more than anything..

For extended semestral break. I haven’t felt it a bit, really.

My two bestfriends (Jude and Sai), abd Jem I guess? I remembered him when I heard the song Once in a Lifetime earlier, that’s why. I’m thinking of including a picture of me and my bestfriends in this post when it hit me that we don’t actually have pictures together. So, yeah..

Of nothing in particular. Nah, I’m actually wondering what happens when a person dies, are ghosts for real?

So there. I think that’s gonna be all for today since I’m too tired to do anything else but to sleep. Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you had a nice day. Muah 😘


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