Sunday Currently, Vol. 4

Hello there 👋. It’s another Sunday and it’s Sunday Currently day. Since I’ve been gone for the whole week, I decided to this post early today. Anyway, sorry I haven’t been uploading posts since Monday for NaNoBloPoMo, it’s just that things have gotten out of control since the start of second semester. In the end, I was forced to quit the said contest and decided to just focus on my studies instead. But since Sunday is my only ‘free’ day, (my class schedule isΒ  Monday to Saturday) I decided to continue with my Sunday Currently. So here it goes:


on my bed typing this post, wearing a yellow off-shoulder summer themed top paired with red shorts.

to Doraemon on the TV my little brother is watching.

Practical Accounting 1, I learned just last Friday (two days ago) that I was selected to represent our university for an inter-university accounting competition (woaah) so I have to double my efforts studying in advance and reviewing my past lessons (sigh).

Tired, jittery and pressured. Oh, and a little sleepy too since I woke up at 5:30 today to review.

To go excrcise a little before going back to reviewing my notes after finishing this post.

For a rest day, things have been full-packed for the week, I need to breathe.

For an extended vacation – which I suppose is never going to happen.

Of everything. My head hurts.

A lot more of time and strength and patience to review for our quiz tomorrow in auditing, for the oratory in Speech class and to research my assignments in Business Policy, plus review for the upcoming competition on Saturday. Just thinking of this drains all the strength remaining in me. *sigh*

I think that would be all for today, and this would be my last pist for NaBloPoMo. I had a great time in this writing contest even for the shortest period of time, in addition, I was able to know diffrent great writers and I learned a lot of then, so thank you and to all those bloggers I came across through NaBloPoMo. Goodluck on your blogging and I do hope you’ll have a great Sunday. Stay blessed. 💋


Sunday Currently, Vol. 3 -NBPM #8

Hi! It’s Sunday today, do you know what that means? It’s ‘Sunday Currently’ day! Yey! So it’s my 3rd week doing this and I’m so happy. πŸ™‚

So I’m currently

Blue stripes shirt paired with black skater’s skirt and a dutchbraid hairstyle.

to ‘pick-up line battle’ featured in Jessica Soho and to the sound of the cricket singing on the background.

chocolate marble candy I just ate.

for tamarind candy; too bad the nearby story is out of stock.

The Guard: A Novella by Kiera Cass. Just finished her The Selection series, it’s one of the bests.

Full from all the dessert I ate on a birthday party I attended earlier, I like the cakes best, esp. the brazo de mercedes

of what would happen tomorrow, it’s the first day of the second semester. Oh, I’m also thinking of renovating my site.

hmm.. I can’t wish of anything as of the moment.


For everything – my family, friends – everything.

Exercise and sleep.

To correct my posture.

the third volume of my Sunday Currently, and this would be all. Goodnight 💋

What I learned, what life taught me – NBPM #5

What was the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught you that?

Oh dear life,
remember what you would always say –
that people come and go,
and not everyone will stay?
That things won’t be the same
for everything does change?
Of how nothing lasts forever
and I can’t just stay on one page?
How? Tell me.
How can I move on to another chapter when that one page is all that I can remember?
Though I know it is inevitable,
I still can’t find it acceptable…
So tell me, will you? Please tell me what should I do.

Oh dear life, now I know that you’re right;
Everything has changed
and I can’t turn it back,
even though I’ve tried with all my might.
Memories are all that I have now,
and promises were often turned into broken vows.
But change – that’s still something I can’t always embrace
for there’s some things I can’t just simply replace.
Things that I hold on and cling so tightly to,
Hoping that it will stay as is if I do.
But it doesn’t, it never does..
’cause things have changed – so I guess no, it never really lasts.

So hello πŸ™‚ this is supposed to be my day 5 post had I’ve been able to connect. Anyway, I tried making a poem out of the suggested prompt (I’m not so good in poetry, let alone in writing, so please bear with me.) And if you’ve come this far reading my post, thank you very much. This would be all. And oh, gave a great day! πŸ™‚

Not giving up – NBPM #4

I want to be a CPA – a Certified Public Accountant...

That’s what I want, or maybe I should say that’s what I wanted but no longer does, or I don’t know… maybe I still do, but there’s this constant voice inside my head telling me not to want it; to just simply give it up cause I can’t do it and I won’t be able to win this battle and there’s this part of me that wants to take heed of the voice, give up and let go of everything. But still there’s this part of me that just simply can’t.

Once upon a time, I wanted to a writer, an editor. I’ve mentioned that in previous blog. Due to some circumstances, I took a different path. I have to admit, never did I dream of becoming a CPA – atleast not until in my second year in college. I guess it’s true that you’ll never know what you’re looking for lest you find it. And I found it, wanted it and fell inlove with it.

But just like love, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, my journey to becoming a CPA is a rough road. It was hard. It is hard, to the point that I would often ask myself if this is still what I want. It is tiring, and very demanding. I barely have time for anything else than school. But still, I can’t imagine myself anywhere but here.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way. A lot of people are on the verge of giving up; torn between holding on a little longer and letting go. Here’s something I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard, but still I want to tell you.

β€’ If by any chance, you found something you want, something you love, something you can’t imagine yourself without… hold on to it, seize it and never let it go, ever. This world is already full of briken dreams and promises, don’t let yours be part of it. Besides, many people die regretting the things they should have done when they had the chance. PS. Not everyone gets a second chance…

β€’ Yes, it is hard. It’s supposed to be that way, so it’s gonna be worth it. Easy come, easy go right? Good things don’t just come knocking on your door, you have to work for it.

β€’Β  It’s okay to feel tired, take a rest…but never stop. Keep on loving what you do, what you’re fighting for. Keep your eye on the goal, remember why you held on for so long. You’ve come a long way, why stop now?

β€’Β  Lastly, whatever you are going through just know that you are not alone. You’ve got your friends and your family who believe in you, but what’s more important is you have you. Yes, you. Only you, with the help of God of course, can do the things you want to do. And if everything else seems to fail, remember that God has a better plan for your life. Trust Him.

Xoxo πŸ’‹
– Jeanette

If you ever know – NBPM #3

Hi there! So as I said in Day 6 post, I was disconnected from the internet from Day 3 to Day 5. I actually wrote something for that day before I accidentally deleted everything I made, and that was even before I learned that there is no internet connection. SURPRISE! I was really disappointed since it took me some time to finish that ‘supposed to be blog post’ on the third day, and I don’t feel like recycling the words I already poured out into that post, but then I tried writing another one only to find out something to add up into my disappointment – upload failed, connection error. It was really frustrating. I mean, I’m only few steps away from the starting line, why now? It was just the third day! 3rd day! Ugh!

If only I hadn’t delete my draft by accident – that is without consideration to what happened to the internet connection – I would have been able to post an entry using the suggested prompt that day. I would have talked about the coolest job for me when I was younger – atleast younger than I am today for I cannot consider myself old enough to be called ‘old’ already – and I would have shared that I dreamt of becoming a nurse at first and how it shifted into becoming an editor because I grew scared of blood and dead people and hospitals.

I would have said that my initial reason for becoming an editor is because I looked up to my aunt who works as an editor; and I would have looked back on how I fell inlove with writing and my journey on becoming an editor as I joined the publication from elementary up until now that I am in college already.

But I wasn’t able to upload that post, and I’m no longer in the mood to use the suggested prompt that day. So I will no longer tell you that ‘yes, I still find that being an editor is cool.’, and I won’t tell you that even though I locked up that dream deep within my heart, I’m no longer pursuing that dream. I would have, but I no longer can pursue that dream. You wouldn’t know why, ’cause I’m not gonna tell you that I took a business course instead of something that is in line with journalism because the university I am attending is not offering those kind of courses. And you wouldn’t know that I fell inlove with my course too somehow, you wouldn’t know that there are days I’d lay at night and dream of me becoming a Certified Public Accountant, and that I’m now on my 4th year taking BS Accountancy as my chosen course.

You’ll never know all those things that I’ve wrote in my supposed to be post, ’cause I’m not going to use the prompt suggested for that day – the coolest job for me when I was young, and if I still feel the same. Yes, you won’t ever know… uhm, would you?


Perks of having a guy bestfriend – NBPM #6

It has been six days since NaBloPoMo started, and it is really my intention to make it until the end. To my dismay, things went out of control, I was disconnected from the internet for three consecutive days and I ended up three entries behind. But I’ll try to make it up for the days I wasn’t able to post something. I’m going to have four entries today, woaah!

So today, I’m going to talk about the perks of having a guy bestfriend. You see I have two bestfriends – a girl and a boy. I’ve mentioned them a lot of times in previous blogs (remember Jude and Sai?)


Of course I’m very lucky to have them both, and I couldn’t ask for more from my bestfriends. But I’m gonna talk about Jude first, so here are some of the things I’m thankful for having my guy bestfriend:

1. I had an instant ‘you-can-go-anywhere-as-long-as-you’re-with-your-bestfriend-ticket’ from my parents.

It has been very convenient for me, since my parents (especially my mom) are so strict as to allowing me to go somewhere on a day-off. And since the day my guy bestfriend won my mother’s trust, I was able to go anywhere with him and with my other friends – it was easier to ask permissions – as long as I’m with him.


2. I had an instant foodtrip buddy.

It’s fun to eat and eat and eat without worrying about my tight jeans and fitted shirt, I mean, I don’t really care about how I look when I’m with him, and I don’t think he minds either so yeaaah, I can eat all I can. Yey! (and it’s his treat most of the time, what’s even better than a sweet treat?)



3. I was able to try new things.

Well, just like what I’ve said in my previous blog, we agreed to disagree on almost everything – from foods to movie genres, music – everything. And I get to try his likes and favorites, just to prove mine are better. Haha!

4. I got someone I can share my secrets (because I know his tounge won’t slip)

Since he’s the quiet type, my secrets are safest with him, not until he teamed up with my girl bestfriend though.

5. I didn’t had just a bestfriend, I also had a brother, father, boyfriend, enemy, punching bag, tissue and most annoying buddy all mixed up in one person.

I’m not quite sure if I should include this on this list (sometimes beimg with him is stressful) I know he feels the same way too. Haha!

6. I can get a guy’s POV on a situation.

As much as it is hard to figure girls out, boys are harder to deal with. I’m glad I can count on him on this one.

7. I can have an companion when I feeling like I want to be alone.

Sometimes girl’s talk is a bit tiring and there are times when I just want/need to just and keep quiet, and he’s that someone who’ll just sit

there, not saying anything but not making me feel alone or bothered.


So there, I actually have a long list of why I’m so lucky he’s my bestfriend but I just can’t put it into words… so that’s it for now. πŸ™‚ I’m baaaack πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸ’•

Those were the days – NBPM #2

Back when I was a little girl – back when kids still play with each other physically, when online gaming is not yet the latest trend, me and my other siblings used to play a lot. Usually, my parents would bring home toys from McDo Happy Meals and Jollibee Kiddie Meals whenever they go somewhere. And on Christmas holidays, me and my brother would often spend all our money (given by our Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts) on Toy Kingdom. It was fun. Being able to bond with my brother and being able to buy the toy that I want. I remember having toys like different kinds of board games (chess, scrabble, snake and ladders and chinese checkerds), legos, puzzles, hoola hoops, yoyo, jumping ropes and chinese garters and brick games. Oh, how I loved playing brick games.

Of all the toys I had, there’s this one toy I never had (and now I wonder why I never thought of buying it back then) – barbie dolls.

My mom never bought us dolls of any kind, she’s not very fond of them. Kids my age used to play dolls a lot back then, and there were role playing and doll houses and dressing up and everything. I loved dress ups the most. Since my sister and I don’t have dolls, I remember the two of us sneaking out of the house to our neighbor with our toys in hand in order to play with the other kids. We’ll share our toys and play all day. I was never fond of playing dolls when I was a little girl. What really caught my attention is how the neighboring kid would make clothes for her dolls. I envy how she was able to make hand-sewn clothes at a very young age. ‘I want to make clothes too!’, so with that in mind, I befriended her and her friends, and I’ve got to play dolls, I learned how to make doll clothes plus I gained more friends.

Time flown fast. Eventually, my sister and I stopped going over their backyard, probably because we’ve grown up and gained new friends at school and such (and my mom never allowed us in the first place). Then there’s already those games meant to be played indoors – play stations, computers, plus internet. Just like that, childhood is gone.

Oh happy were those days, when playtime means you’ve got to interact with someone, having the chance to meet new people, feigning the world is actually how you wanted it to be. You can be anything or anyone you want to be, imagination is the limit. How lucky I am to be part of that era. I’m not so sure if kids these days can play with other kids not in front of a computer or any gadgets. I wonder if kids these days can last a day without using any gadget, no, I don’t think so. Now I feel like I’m too old, I mean, kids these days really are a lot different with how we were back then. It is different.. it is.