Connected to disconnect

“The truth is, it is easier to hide behind a computer than to engage people. Shouldn’t it really be called unsocial media?”

I am a loner,  I am the kind of person who can get along fine with others and is fine being alone with myself. If you would read my previous blogs, you would notice that I’ve mentioned more than once that there were days I wanted to spend time with everyone and days I really wanted to be just by myself. You could say that I am an anti-social at times. I don’t talk too much, atleast not around the people I’m not comfortable with. (And there’s not too many people I am comfortable to begin with.) I’m the type of person who’d rather write down my thoughts than to say it out loud. But when I talk, I don’t sugar-coat things; my belief in ‘it is better to get hurt with the truth than be happy with a lie’ is very firm that people would often misunderstand me as cold-hearted numb, which I’d like to believe I am not.

Though I have my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are these random moments when I feel like I want to shutdown permanently my accounts, mainly because it has gotten a bit boring since rarely are the times I’ve got to interact with my friends through social media, well, its not like I have that much friends in the first place. But since I get to spend a lot of time with my circle in person, there’s no need for us to keep in touch through social media too. Please don’t get me wrong, I can get along fine with almost everyone but it’s not like you can consider someone your friend already with just a nice conversation.

The only thing that holds me back from deactivating my accounts is that it is only through the social media I get a chance to keep in touch with the people whom I have been friends since high school and drifted away since we entered college. Somehow, to my dismay, seldom are the times we really tried to keep in touch with each other. At most, we could only feel each other’s presence through likes and sometimes, comments on posts. Then there’s also these people I consider my friends whom I got close through FB and Twitter, but we rarely talk in person. Probably because there’s not much to talk about, and it gets really awkward and silent whenever we try to start a nice chitchat in person. Somehow, finding the next words to say just to keep the conversation going has always been my problem with my cyber friends when we talk in person. I mean, yes, we can chat for hours in facebook about anything and everything, but physically chatting is another story.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that social media has turned into a meet-and-greet everyone in the internet without trying to be real friends in the real world. Somehow it is sad that relationships built through social medias tend to end as we disconnect from the internet, and somehow we disconnect from the world while where at the internet.


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