Things have its own way of getting better, you don’t need to rush, just trust :)

I was re-reading my previous blogs earlier when it came to my attention how my blogs went from very happy and contented to melancholic and a bit lost, then I thought to myself ‘Oh, I think I’m forgetting something here, something’s not right.’

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been in a constant moodswing. Okay, what I just said is ironic. But yeah, lately my mood goes like very happy to very depressed. I feel really disgusted with myself when I’m like that.

It’s like one moment I’m having a great time with everyone and a moment later I’m trying to find a escape route to find some time alone.

My friends once told me that they really hate it when I’m being down because my mood is contangious. (plus I belong to a group of friends who know nothing about giving comfort and consolation)

Reflecting on the things that happened lately, these things came to my mind:

1.) More often than not, people seem to forget the things that really matter once faced with difficulties. Our vision is blocked by the hardships causing us to see only the negativities around us, all the good things fading out in the background.

2.) We can never always have our way with how things goes. Some times, most of the times, things get out of hand, it won’t always go the way we want them to be, just like we can’t always have what we want.

But even if things happen not according to plan, just always remember this third reflection:

God’s plan is always better than our plan.

Maybe we don’t understand why and how things ended the way it is right now, or probably, we won’t ever know the reasons but there will always be a good reason behind it, all we need is to trust in Him with all our heart and let Him do things according to his will. Just know, we are being blessed each moment of our life. It just takes appreciation and gratitude in order to feel it. Blessed evening everyone 🙂


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