Sunday Currently, Vol.1

Hi there, I was thinking of what I should write for today’s blog and as I was scrolling through some random blog, I saw a Sunday Currently, Maine Mendoza inspired blog, and I was like, okay I’m gonna do that too. So here’s my Sunday Currently, credits to Maine Mendoza. I love you Yaya Dub 😁


“My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected – Volume 3”, it is a Japanese manga recommended by brother and I like it, probably because I can relate so much to the protagonist here which happened to be a loner.

to the TV show “Vampire ang daddy ko” playing on the background.

Yellow ruffled shirt paired with a black skater’s skirt I wore from the mass earlier

the chicken adobo which my father is cooking

the sugar coating of the banana cue I just ate after the mass. Yumm

this blog (Sunday Currently, Vol. 1) yes, I intend to do this continously 😁

I can really do this continously and that I will pass tomorrow’s exam

Chocolates and 8 hours of sleep, felt like I haven’t slept since I don’t know when.

to review my notes but too lazy to start and to finish my clearance tomorrow

that things will finally get better.

to wind up at EK after exams tomorrow, that is if it ends early.

about yesterday’s episode of Kalyeserye (Tamang Panahon) and Alden Richard’s reaction ealier when Maine Mendoza called at Sunday Pinasaya

What will happen for tomorrow’s episode of Kalyeserye.

Nothing as of the moment. That is I am neither happy nor sad, well that is my usual mood, so yeah.


In every circumstances, we will get different reactions from the people around us; some people will support our decisions and will motivate us along the way while others will do everything to discourage us. Or maybe the don’t intend to discourage us but what they do makes us feel discouraged. In times like that, be strong for yourself, because at the end of the day, you’ve got no one else but you. The best way to do is keep on going, show them that you can. Just think, the best feeling in this world is being able to do what others said you can’t do.

So there, I just finished my Sunday Currently. Have a nice week ahead everyone. 😁


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