A love story is yet to unfold, and I’d be the happiest if it does 😁

‘One day, somebody will come and make you realize why it didn’t worked out with anybody else.’

Looking back, at first it was just me and my girl bestfriend. We first met four years ago and we became bestfriends since then. It’s like I’ve known her all my life already and our personalities compliment each other. I basically tell her everything, and when I say all it means all the big and little things. I still can remember how it all started but that’s another story.

And here comes this guy, who dislike me as much as I dislike him. Who would have thought he would  turn out to be my guy bestfriend? He was my complete opposite and just like how me and my girl bestfriend agree on everything, me and my guy bestfriend seemed to agree to disagree on almost everything. I don’t know exactly how we bacame bestfriends but from then on, the three of us started hanging out with each other- we were inseparable and I am so happy to have them as my bestfriends.

I remember how I used to tell them that I’ll be the happiest if they would really end up with each other just to tease them, but they wouldn’t agree with me.

Whenever I am not around, it’s always just the two of them spending free hours together that is why I often joke about them looking like a real couple. Of course both of them will just shrug off my teasing then I’d always laugh on how they react. For almost a year now, I’ve been teasing my two bestfriends on falling for each other, but they never believed they will. But they did! Atleast one of them admittedly did fall for the other – and that made me really happy.

Things changed. He realized his feelings for her. After everything, I’m glad he finally admitted it to her and to himself. She hasn’t realized it though.


There were nights I’m actually praying that they would end up with each other but if they don’t, I couldn’t care less. I still do pray for their happiness even if it means they would end up with somebody else.  Whatever happens to their relationship, if they are really Made For Each Other just like what I wish for, I hope that they will always find happiness and comfort in each other’s presence. I want them to be happy nomatterwhat. Isn’t it just cute having them as a real couple? I mean, they’re both my bestfriends, I’m always gonna be the third wheel though. ;)😍💕


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